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Unlock the potential of your team using data and artificial intelligence to discover hidden insights and create high performing teams.

Predict Your Future Using The Data You Already Possess.

Selecting Teammates is Tough

A wrong decision is costly and can be catastrophic to your organization.

Probility AI leverages data to generate tailored artificial intelligence models that answer your organization's toughest questions.

Our process places the human at the forefront of AI-assisted decision making.

We augment your existing analytics teams and decision makers by weaponizing exploratory and predictive data to confirm and dispel biases provided by human decision makers to improve organizational decision making. Our artificial intelligence tools, when paired with the decades of experiential Intuition that organizations have built, results in superior outcomes.

The Probility AI ARC

Using a revolutionary combination of exploratory and predictive data modeling, we help organizations address their most difficult questions and predict their future.

Probility AI is able to leverage public and private data sources to generate tailored artificial intelligence platforms that are unique to your organization. These platforms are used to address your most pressing questions to your organization. We assess the Availability, Reliability, and Capability of individuals and teams in your organization so you can identify and select individuals that meet your goals. Most importantly, your data and the generated AI models are not shared with anyone; especially your competition.


Identify team members that have high durability and informs on which players have a propensity to be injured or are cognitively not ready to perform.


Demonstrate the ability to reliably perform high-stress tasks in tense moments, when the game or a life is on the line, and when decision making is critical.


Select individuals that possess the organization's desired traits, capabilities, and characteristics to ensure they can perform their duties during critical moments.

We train teams on how to best leverage data, how to make better decisions, and most importantly, show organization how to achieve superior outcomes.

Multidisciplinary Markets Served

We provide the hidden insights to assemble high performing teams.

By analyzing historical and real-time public and private data sources, we assist leaders with optimal team construction to ensure maximum performance in your most critical moments when nothing less than the best will do. From sports to retail we utilize artificial intelligence to address your toughest problems from optimizing spend, marketing campaigns, and training.

Predictive Analytics Spotlight

Artificial Intelligence for the National Football League

Using performance and injury data, Probility AI is able to predict with 96% certainty which players will miss time next season. Using our comprehensive data streams, we have mapped over 20 years of professional football players and career longevities. We can inform any NFL team on the availability of their roster including the relative risk and health of every positional player in the league. Our interactive tools augment existing organizational workflows to provide your football team a distinct competitive advantage.

1. Experiential Intuition

2. Exploratory Analytics

3. Predictive Analytics

4. Superior Outcomes

UFA & Prospect Evaluation

Salary Cap and Contract Correlations

Injury Likelihood and Severity

Player Availability, Capability, & Reliability

Player and Team Risk Assessment

Create superior outcomes for your organization through experiential intuition and analytical data working together to identify and select available, capable, and reliable team members.

Leadership Team

Experienced scientists, engineers, athletes, and business professionals.

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Board Director

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VP Product & Systems

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