Probility AI revolutionizes roster optimization for GMs by predicting player availability and performance.

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Making poor player selections can be a costly mistake

A single poor acquisition can lead to significant financial losses for a team and hinder its ability to create a championship-level roster. Additionally, players may miss out on the chance to secure substantial earnings if their careers are prematurely shortened due to injuries or coaching choices.

Smarter insights.
Better decisions.

Take a new approach to team selection with Probility’s ARC ENGINE

Probility ARC empowers your organization to make better decisions, without replacing your current personnel or making decisions for you.


Is the player available now? Injury Predictions for the current/next season


Is the player reliable long term? Injury Predictions for the remainder of the player’s career


Is the player capable of contributing to our team? Performance analysis


ARC player potential

Runway: Low Risk

The player has “runway” before they enter into their prediction zone. The longer the runway the more time is available to develop these players. These players are less risky and have upside available.

Active: Medium Risk

The player is in the "active” prediction zone meaning that they have reached the zone where their optimal production or availability resides” These players are more risky but still have upside available.

Exceeded: High Risk

The player has exceeded “Expected Capacity” meaning that the player has overperformed in a given statistical category. These players are risky and have minimal upside available compared to other players.

Probility AI is making predictions with 90% confidence.

Our tool provides you with invaluable insights into the projected performance of your players and all players in your league, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your roster and strategy.

Artificial Intelligence for High Performing Teams

Probility developed a one-of-a-kind management engine utilizing proprietary databases and AI models containing nearly 20 years of player performance, injury, and contract data for each league.


Prediction confidence


Years of player data


Individual and Team Metrics

What can you do with Probility AI?

Roster Optimization

Analyze potential players with expiring contracts in a way your competitors can’t.

Roster Management

ARC injury and performance predictions sharpens a team’s roster management capabilities.

Scout at Scale

Identify players from across the league with the requirements that fit your team best.

Contract Negotiation

Craft contracts that align player incentives and payment with team goals.

Contract Structure

Estimating a player’s remaining games and performance helps GMs structure contracts.

Extend Player Careers

ARC feature analysis reveals key injury predictors, helping teams reduce athlete risk and extend pro careers.

The ARC provides unique insights that no other NHL/NFL team currently has. When combined with a team’s private data, the ARC Engine becomes a powerful and invaluable tool.

Probility AI has dedicated 18 months to constructing a robust, distinct, and proprietary database for each league, encompassing 20 years of biographical, performance, injury, and contract data for every player. Leveraging this extensive database, its ARC Management Platform accurately predicts injury risk and availability, enabling players and teams to proactively modify their behavior and extend their careers. We can develop AI models on any metric of interest and utilize private club data to develop exclusive predictions. Sports and AI go hand in hand.

Did you know...


Player Injuries



Chance of missing playoffs

A complete analytics department is one phone call away

Our analytic insights will complement your player and roster analysis, negotiation strategies strategic thinking, and experiential intuition.
  • Spot players with value unique to your team
  • Identify availability crises before they occur
  • Compare your positional injury risk to every other league team
  • Spot opponent vulnerabilities and identify potential trade partners

Use past data to predict your future

We are changing the way general managers value and manage players using artificial intelligence to predict future injury and player availability, super-charging personnel decisions, and reducing costly contract mistakes. The ARC can be combined with your private data to sharpen our predictions and provide you with a truly unique resource no other team has.

By harnessing the power of AI, we will help pro sports teams win titles and athletes extend their careers.

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ARC Engine


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We identify and solve critical business questions concerning your team and players using our extensive database of 20+ years of performance and contract data paired with AI.

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