Transforming Sports with AI: The Probility AI Edge

At Probility AI, we’re driving transformative change in the world of sports analytics, with a specific focus on the NHL and NFL. For years, the quest for a metaphorical crystal ball that could precisely reveal a player’s trajectory has been the Holy Grail in the intricate realm of player contracts. This quest shapes a player’s […]

Using AI to Extend Athletic Careers 

The push is on to integrate AI and machine learning techniques into nearly every facet of professional sports.  We’ve taken a unique angle at Probility by developing AI tools capable of accurately predicting injury risk for professional athletes.  Forward-thinking sports executives can use our tools to see their team, or potential team, through the lens […]

AI and Sports: Harvard Business Review Chats with Probility

In the dynamic arena of professional sports, a powerful force is emerging, reshaping the landscape: artificial intelligence (AI) tools like Probility AI. This groundbreaking technology, as explored in a recent Harvard Business Review article, is turning player recruitment and management on its head, especially in the NFL. AI-enhanced strategies and predictive analytics in sports are […]